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My Goal:   I take old ugly Mesquite logs and try to remove all the Ugly.
UPDATE:  We have moved.  We now live in New Braunfels.  I still have not been able to build my new shop.   I hope to start construction on my new wood shop later this year.  If all goes well, I should be back in operation by late 2017.
When I retired I started woodturning as a hobby.  I make things for the fun of it.  I make what I want and then try to sell it. 

Each item is handcrafted from Mesquite that has grown on our ranch.  Every item is unique in size and design. 

To contact me click on the link below.

Email:  terry.nance@gmail.com


Click on the Page numbers above or on each link below to see more details of each item.

Page 2:  Pigtail Meat Flippers, Screwdrivers, Icepicks
Page 3:  Bowls, Salt & Pepper MIlls, Toothpick holders
Page 4:  Candlesticks, Whips,Wineholders
Page 5:  Vases & Urns, Canes, Lamps

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